About us


The aim of the Ulster Guild is to ensure that as a wholesaler, it works together in partnership with retailers.

The Ulster Guild, is a body made up of key directors and retailers from the SPAR estate. 

The Ulster Guild of SPAR has lead the way with many firsts in the market that had differences from that of the mainland. The multiples had exploded on the scene with the purchase by Tesco of the Stewarts chain and the arrival of Sainsbury’s and Safeway. However, even in the 70s it was necessary to trial new store concepts. Henderson opened the Dunmurry store in 1970, which at 20,000 sq ft was the largest store in SPAR.

The Ulster Guild was the first to be asked by SPAR Central Office to test the new style SPAR fascia, which it did on a petrol forecourt.

The Ulster Guild still exists today and consists of current SPAR independent retailers in Northern Ireland. Chairman of the Ulster Guild is Patrick Doody, Sales and Marketing Director at the Henderson Group.