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Water Consumption

Even though the retail and wholesale sector is not a major consumer of water, the implementation of programmes to reduce the use of mains water is an important part of any responsible retailing programme. Retailers are investing in a variety of initiatives to reduce water consumption including taps that automatically switch off after a few minutes as well as installing rainwater recovery systems.

Energy Consumption

The reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is recognised as playing a key role in reducing global warming. Henderson Group is already committed to seeking measures to reduce our CO2 footprint. We are focused on improving the whole supply chain in order to conduct business in an environmentally friendly way.


The world is focusing on sustainable construction in order to reduce CO2 footprint. Henderson Group is committed to maximising the environmentally friendly designs for new stores and distribution centres. The new eco store at SPAR Lagan Valley is an example of how this is being realised at store level, with rainwater harvesting and a living roof for wildlife. The new Foodservice building also implemented several eco-friendly measures such as under-floor heating systems and temperature-control doors on the cold stores; efficient motion-sensitive lighting systems, hot water generated by the air-conditioning system and individually monitored electricity and water meters, plus recycling facilities throughout the building.


Energy has the greatest impact on the environment in terms of greenhouse gases. Lighting and refrigeration constitute over 50% of total energy use in the average supermarket. Consequently, supermarket retailers are focusing on energy saving monitoring systems and energy saving initiatives such as LED (light – emitting diode) lighting, sustainable cooling and heating systems as well as overall energy efficient store management.


The costs of waste collection and disposal have become major factors in our business. This has prompted an intensive focus throughout the whole food industry on eliminating, reducing and recycling waste within the EU. There are mandatory targets in relation to recycling and recovery and failure to comply with these goals results in substantial penalties.

A leading local recycling company, NWP, has partnered with the Henderson Group in a major drive to increase its recycling levels.