Become a Retailer

Mark Willis

Brand: SPAR 
Address: SPAR Belvoir, Belfast 

SPAR offers our shoppers a one stop shop, with extensive fresh offerings, new meal solutions, household goods and everyday essentials. Making it easier for the local community to get everything they need in a store close to their home.

Henderson Group are continually working on the development of these products for their brands. As a result we are seeing more and more local suppliers delivering their products to us which is exactly what our customers are asking for.

The fresh section of our store has been significantly improved as the SPAR own Brand products have developed, they also offer an S-Budget range which helps to provide value for our shoppers. The positive customer feedback regarding our product range and quality continues which in turn has gained us huge support from the local community.

Another benefit of working with such a local company is their six day fresh delivery and ability to alter orders well into the afternoon. With the ever-changing weather of Northern Ireland, that spark of sunshine can drive customers to our BBQ Ranges. Henderson’s have a number of systems in place to deal with any change or last minute deliveries. So we can be sure not to miss out on sales!

The introduction of the Paypoint facility on each till was one of the major benefits of joining the Group as it helps to cut down customer queuing – significant during busy periods – and also prevents staff waiting around on one machine to top up.  It is also easier to track transactions as the system allows you to view them from the main computer and it is also integrated into sales reports. A very useful addition to the stores services.