We’re committed to helping our staff fulfil their potential. You’ll find many exciting opportunities and challenges at the Henderson Group and you will be given the support you need to help you be successful within your role. Our team working ethos and strong sense of community contribute to our success not just as individuals but as part of the greater team.

We’re proud of what we do and are continually striving to be better.  At the Henderson Group you are encouraged to learn something new every day and you’ll be encouraged to explore and fulfil your potential.  Most of all we aim to offer you a job and a career in a company you can be proud of.

Balancing work and life

We are committed to thinking about different ways of working that will help you achieve a health work life balance. We have a flexible working policy and support requests for flexible working arrangements wherever necessary and operationally possible.

We offer competitive levels of annual leave entitlements in addition to the range of family-friendly policies. Employees are also encouraged to step outside of work to participate in other areas of interest such as our corporate social responsibility projects.

Employee Wellbeing

We have an OH support team and systems in place to support you in maintaining a productive and healthy life with our business.

We run a number of wellbeing initiatives throughout the year and provide you with regular updates, useful information and access to a range of wellbeing services.

Learning and Development 

The Henderson Group believe strongly in the development of its people.  Through our programme of learning and development we always aim to ensure people have the correct level of skill and competence to be effective, no matter what their job role.  Our staff learning and development is delivered on and off the job by peers and colleagues as well as external providers.  Our business will only be successful with good people. To ensure this success we strive to help people become the best that they can be.

Listening to our Employees 

We listen to our employees and we care about what they think. We have initiatives in place for measuring employee views, perceptions and feedback through regular surveys and other involvement mechanisms. Listening to feedback from our employees is important and helps us make a difference for the future.

Team Spirit 

We also offer a range of social activities for all Henderson Group staff to get involved with through our Social Club. Whatever your interests there’s likely to be a sport, activity or trip away that you’ll be keen to get involved with and we regularly hold a number of charity fundraising events each year such as fun runs, charity quizzes, various outdoor pursuits and much more.