The Academy

Course Feedback

Level 2 Food Safety

“Trainer explained a lot of things that made absorbing and retaining the information easier. Very good trainer.  Would recommend her to anyone looking to take this course.”    Delegate from EUROSPAR Creighton's Garage

“The training was well presented in a fun and enjoyable way.”  Delegate from EUROSPAR Forkhill

“Very interesting course content which is on a vital topic - a very enjoyable course”  Delegate from McBride's SPAR

Level 3 Food Safety

“Learnt a lot which I can put to good use in the workplace.  The tutors were lovely and delivered the course very well. The course was explained in a way that was simple and not to techinical to understand.”  Delegate from EUROSPAR Creighton's Garage

Customer Service

“Very engaging facilitator. Good craic! Raised a lot of issues which I hadn’t really considered important and put customer service at the forefront of my mind.  Useful examples given in a humorous way - the trainer had a clear interst in the topic.”  Delegate from EUROSPAR Creighton's Garage

“Feel it has made me more aware that the customers are of prime importance - enjoyed the course and found it extremely valuable”  Murdock's SPAR

“The whole course was very useful. The mystery shopper clips were great too - very worthwhile and useful knowledge to have.”  Delegate from Forbe's SPAR Ardboe

Manual Handling

“The delivery was very enjoyable and it was very helpful as to the way I will now think about lifting items i.e. heavy loads break the load down”  Delegate from Forbe's SPAR Ardboe