Henderson Retail has recently partnered with The Larder food bank to introduce a new shop display format, helping create a sense of belonging for those who find themselves in need.

The Larder provides around 80 food parcels to local households per week, and after the easing of lockdown restrictions, the Mersey Street food bank decided it was time to reconsider the way they offer their services.

Partnering with Henderson Retail, the organisation has now installed five bays of shelving, built by Henderson’s merchandising team, to bring more of a shopping experience for the centre’s users.

Alli Steen from The Larder stated, “We should not have to rely on emergency food indefinitely, but without serious welfare reform, this is the lived reality of many people, and as furlough schemes end, we will see many more in need of intervention as their cupboards grow bare.

Wendy Smith and Julie Lillie from EUROSPAR Ballyhackamore and EUROSPAR Ladas Drive, also serving the East Belfast community, have been working hard to support The Larder with donations of groceries for the past two years.

Wendy Smith added; “Our EUROSPAR stores have been committed to ensuring our local community has access to essential groceries, and we’re delighted to support The Larder with their fresh look and feel centre. Services like these are vital to our local communities, especially as we start to rebuild from the most challenging months for households across the country.”