EUROSPAR has launched a new campaign keeping community, convenience, value and their fresh credentials front and centre.

Be a Smart Shopper aims to highlight the on-going value proposition at EUROSPAR, the supermarket brand that can be found in the heart of communities across Northern Ireland.

It comes off the back of new 2020 Shopper Insights* in which the supermarket brand outranks the multiples in Northern Ireland in customer service levels, locality and price perception.

Jade Manning, Brand Manager at Henderson Group which owns the EUROSPAR brand, commented; “This past year has seen a clear indication that shoppers now prefer to shop locally, even when it comes to the ‘big trolley shop’ traditionally reserved for the multiples.

“Our shopper insights show that EUROSPAR customer service was ranked above other multiples in the area and 45% of those surveyed said EUROSPAR was their first preference supermarket where they live, a jump of 27% since 2019.”

The campaign aims to reach shoppers who may have had to change the way they shop over the past year, whether that be because of COVID restrictions or because they want to buy more local produce. Over 75% of fresh produce available at EUROSPAR is sourced locally, with Henderson Wholesale own-brands experiencing growth in 2020, working with local suppliers to produce stand-out products.

Jade added; “Our towns and villages also thrive on independent and family-owned retailers, and we know local communities want to support them, especially throughout lockdown. Our shopper surveys throughout 2020 lockdowns showed us that our shoppers want to be kept safe as their highest priority, and their trust in our stores comes from knowing their local retailers and teams working on the shop floor.”

“There are now 68 EUROSPAR supermarkets across Northern Ireland, many of which are run by families in shoppers’ local communities with everything they need at great prices under one roof. Shoppers can expect a wide range of fruit and vegetables including our own brand The Greengrocer’s range, plus fresh meals from The Kitchen The CHEF fresh range of ready-made, hand cooked meals and our popular enjoy local fresh range.”

The 2020 insights also showed an improvement of 2.9% in the perceived value available at EUROSPAR. The supermarket stocks big brand names in its Tesco Price Match promotion, which matches over 1,000 prices to Tesco, providing even further savings.

Other highlights of the insights from 2020 found that EUROSPAR is handier to call into than a multiple, with 64% of shoppers using it to pick up essentials while 70% grab products to make a meal for later that day. However, almost half also said they would use their local EUROSPAR to do a bigger trolley shop, and 30% don’t want to travel far to do it, a rise of 13% from 2019.

The EUROSPAR Smart Shopper campaign has launched across TV, digital and on promotional leaflets and will feature real shoppers from Northern Ireland.

Focusing on the feeling you get when shopping at EUROSPAR, the campaign will highlight the benefits of shopping at EUROSPAR through customer testimonials based on value, product range, convenience, community, and store services.

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