We thought we’d take a minute to answer some of your questions to reassure and remind you of the current measures we are taking to ensure the wellbeing of our shoppers and staff when you’re in store*.


How you increased your cleaning schedule?

We have heightened hygiene protocols remaining in place with all high frequency touch points cleaned down regularly, and we’ve got Hygiene personnel on the ground throughout our stores.


How are you protecting your staff & customers?

We have increased our communication to shoppers at store level, on social media and our websites asking you to come in-store individually, respect social distancing rules and use contactless payment where possible. To add to this, we have high visibility floor markings showing our distancing grids at checkout areas and are in the process of installing Perspex screens at checkouts and Post Offices. Thank you for respecting these rules.


Are you limiting the number of customers in store?

To further enforce social distancing, a select number of stores now have personnel at store entrances who monitor the number of shoppers in stores at one time, please check with your local store for the most up to date information.


Do you have hand sanitisers available?

We are working hard to get supplies of hand sanitiser to offer shoppers as they come into stores, however, we ask that everyone washes their hands / uses hand sanitiser before coming into stores.


Has the Post Office opening hours changes?

In a select number of stores the Post Office trading hours are now restricted to 9am – 5:30pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 1pm, Saturday. Please check with your local store for the most up to date information.


Are your deli counters still open?

A select number of stores have closed their deli counters, aside from a controlled and limited hot food menu that do not require face to face contact, please check with your local store for the most up to date information.

Subways and Greggs are also closed.


Can I still sit-in to eat my food?

Any communal seating areas are closed.


Are your public toilets still open?

A select number of stores’ toilet facilities are closed to shoppers, with the exception of Emergency Services upon request at store, please check with your local store for the most up to date information.


Has your store’s opening hours changed?

A select number of stores will have an earlier closing time of 9pm daily to allow for further staff breaks, replenishment of stock and store deep cleans. Some will continue to serve through their hatches.


Do you offer home delivery?

We have launched a new home delivery service throughout selected stores for the elderly, vulnerable and those self-isolating. Click here for more details.


We really appreciate you adapting the way you shop with us and for respecting our retail staff who are doing an incredible job to keep us all going in these tough circumstances.

Please, stay at home, stay safe and look out for each. other


*Safety measures may vary across our stores and some are still currently being rolled out.