The team at SPAR Linn Road have been helping their local community care centre with their “Good morning, Larne” calls.

The store recently got involved with the telephone befriending service, which is run by Larne Community Care Centre, to help with their volume of calls to the elderly and isolated. The teams’ volunteering has been such a success, that they have made it a permanent fixture.

The Larne Community Care Centre has been providing support and assistance to the local community since its inception in 1994, offering day care, crisis accommodation, community events and much more.

As a store at the heart of the local community, the team at SPAR Linn Road wanted to ensure they were engaging with community groups who were helping make a difference. The Centre now has additional volunteers from the store making the phone calls every Monday.

Alex Manu, store manager at Linn Road commented, “The staff at the care centre are fantastic, they do so much for the people in our community who are also our regular shoppers, so we wanted to combine our efforts and help them out.

“Being based in the local community, we often stop and chat with our shoppers and help them with their everyday essentials, so volunteering with the community centre helps us reach even more people who might not get the chance to chat with anyone all day.”