Henderson Group’s most recent campaign to benefit its 500+ SPAR, EUROSPAR and ViVO retailers, aims to inspire shoppers, following consumer insights which show that shoppers are bored of the meals they are making and are calling out for new and interesting meal ideas.

Over the past few years, the retailer has worked closely with local producers, investing a six-figure sum, to bring a comprehensive range of food to its shelves under its exclusive brands – SPAR enjoy local, The Kitchen and The Greengrocer’s.  Now the retailer has launched a new campaign to remind shoppers that there are 100s of meal options available in-store extending across breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Bronagh Henderson, Marketing Manager at Henderson Group, commented, “the campaign showcases just how wide the range of locally sourced meal solutions are at SPAR and VIVO.  Shoppers can enjoy the convenience of popping into their neighbourhood store for tasty, local food – saving them time and making food shopping effortless, and in turn, helping retailers boost footfall and sales.

“We are committed to helping shoppers save money, and with research showing that shoppers are choosing pre-prepared meals over dining out and ordering takeaways, we are catering to this trend by providing plenty of oven-ready options as well as locally sourced ingredients for homecooked meals, to help with the continued cost of living crisis.”

Recent years have seen people choosing to dine in more and eat out less, with 58% of people in Northern Ireland turning to pre-prepared meals as an alternative to dining out[1] and 66% of convenience store users considering premium ready-to-cook products instead of ordering a takeaway[2].

Catering for this group of shoppers was central to the development of the retailer’s exclusive range, The Kitchen, crafted by award-winning chef Carl Johannesson. Gareth McAnlis, Food Development Manager at Henderson Group, commented, “Every product in The Kitchen range has been designed specifically to suit shoppers who want the convenience of straight to oven food, but don’t want to compromise on taste. The chef-quality range of sides, mains and desserts have all been made right here in NI by only our most trusted local producers, so shoppers can be assured they get the highest quality product, delivering on taste, every time”.

This Spring, retailers will benefit from an integrated marketing campaign featuring billboards, national radio advertising and extensive digital activation throughout the duration.

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[2] https://store.mintel.com/report/uk-convenience-stores-market-report