As the country gets to grips with a new way of living, one local business has created an online platform to help us adapt to staying at home.

The team behind SPAR and EUROSPAR in Northern Ireland has created a digital community for their followers to turn to, to share calm amongst the chaos and ensure that even though everyone needs to keep apart, they can remain together online.

Bronagh Henderson, Brand Marketing Manager at Henderson Group, owners of the brands in Northern Ireland said; “this is a really surreal and confusing time for many of us, and even though a lot of us are isolating and keeping our distance, we’re actually all in this together.

“There is not one person who hasn’t been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, and everywhere we turn, there’s more news and information being shared. It can feel overwhelming and so we felt we wanted to help our followers and shoppers switch off from it and make the most of life at home.”

Life at Home will share blog posts, recipe cards, fitness videos, activities and worksheets for kids as well as expert advice on how to take care of our mental health throughout this crisis.

Bronagh continued; “we’re collaborating with our SPAR NI chef, Carl Johannesson to tap into his know-how for batch cooking, how to bulk out meals and make them go further, and what can be cooked and frozen.

“We also have partnered with Annette Kelly, a personal development and wellbeing coach whose popular Instagram platform @little_penny_thoughts, has been a lifeline to many people at times of uncertainty. So, we have a host of experts bringing their wisdom to the table to help us get through it.”

The platform will also applaud those in communities across Northern Ireland doing that little bit extra, from the community volunteers to their own staff who have gone above and beyond. The Cheer for Community Champions section is a place for gratitude where users can have their hearts warmed and are reminded of how positive a sense of community can really be.

Life at Home is hosted on both SPAR and EUROSPAR NI websites, with content being pushed out across both brands’ social media platforms in the coming months.

Bronagh finished; “The current health crisis is one that doesn’t show signs of going away anytime soon so we will be adding and updating as the weeks pass. We really hope it brings a little piece of calm and normality to our shoppers and followers.”