It’s been the strangest Easter holidays in recent memory, but four local supermarkets weren’t about to let it pass by without some cheer for local NHS workers.

Kelly’s EUROSPAR Rathmor and Hatfield, Lynch’s EUROSPAR Skeoge and EUROSPAR Rossdowney teamed up to raise the spirits of 83 local nurses who were spending the weekend isolating from their families, in order to provide care at Altnagelvin Hospital during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Adrian Kelly who runs the Kelly’s chain of EUROSPAR supermarkets throughout the area said that when he heard of the nurses who were selflessly spending their Easter in isolation to be able to do their jobs and keep their families safe, he wanted to reach out.

Adrian said; “When we heard there were 83 nurses spending the Easter weekend away from their families to keep them and others safe, we just wanted to do our small bit to say thank you.

“We have a huge amount of pride and gratitude in Derry for our local NHS staff and our Easter hampers were just a small nod towards that, in partnership with our other local retailers who I’d like to thank sincerely for offering their help without hesitation.”

The hampers contained Easter eggs and other chocolate treats and essentials to give the nurses some comforts and a small bit of normality at these hugely challenging times.

Adrian continued; “All key workers, NHS staff and front-line workers from our supermarkets to local pharmacies and delivery drivers are doing an extraordinary job in anything but ordinary circumstances.

“It is humbling to see how the community has pulled together to help shelter and reach out to our vulnerable, as well as support and cheer those who are doing all they can to provide different services. We’re proud to be part of such a community.”