I needed a brand that could deliver on better marketing, provide a better range, better support and have the ability to increase footfall to my store.


SPAR has become a highly recognised, respected and most importantly trusted brand amongst the local community. Hugely important to me is Henderson Wholesale’s ability to support our store and ensure excellent sales growth within Rockmount SPAR very quickly.

The Henderson Wholesale package provides a dedicated Business Development Manager, whose role is to support me in making business decisions and provide excellent retail advice. This aids us in store layout changes, range guidance, and merchandising support. The marketing team also offer an all-inclusive marketing plan which includes a significant spend to support our in store sales. Since joining Henderson Wholesale our store sales have significantly increased, outperforming the market by far!

I cannot praise the support in Henderson Wholesale enough! From the warehouse, to transport, to the availability of product range and the in house support team, there is a person for every query. Henderson Group have recently invested in own brand product development too, launching the ‘enjoy local’ range.

A constant focus on developing new, local and high quality products helps to ensure we are providing our shoppers with product choice at great value prices.