Joining a Symbol Group

One of the most important decisions an independent convenience retailer will ever make is the decision to become affiliated with a symbol group. The motivating factors behind the  decision range from concerns about protecting their business from competition, to wanting guidance from an established name in the retail industry on how to drive their retail sales forward.

Whatever the reason, the Henderson Group offers independent retailers a mutually beneficial partnership opportunity in which the key objective is to maximise retail sales and margins.

Buying Power

The Henderson Group has the buying power of over £3bn. This means that retailers have confidence that they are buying at the right price through their chosen wholesale partner.


With Mallusk based headquarters and an employee numbers of over 3,300, retailers can be assured of a proactive, timely response to queries or crises with on the ground support from a dedicated team.


It is the largest distribution contractor to convenience stores of its kind in the province, supplying over 450 stores across five brands.

Knowledge Share

Six companies make up the Henderson Group – Henderson Wholesale, Henderson Retail, Henderson Group Property, Henderson Foodservice Henderson Print and Henderson Technology. These companies operate in a variety of industries meaning retailers can benefit from wide ranging knowledge and expertise.